Human-Souding AI Neural Voices
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Microsoft Azure Plugin

The Talker Plugin for WordPress is a tool that convert website content into natural-sounding human speech.

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Languages and Dialects
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Human-Souding AI Text To Speech Voices
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Works in English and other languages
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Speech synthesis powered by
Microsoft machine learning.


Give your website an AI-powered boost

Text-to-speech technology empowers your tools, applications, or devices to transform written text into synthesized speech that closely resembles human speech patterns. 

Innovative plugin powered
Microsoft Azure

This capability, also referred to as speech synthesis, allows you to utilize prebuilt neural voices that sound like humans straightaway or generate a customized neural voice that’s exclusive to your brand or product.

Batch Processing

Batch processing is used to convert into speech all selected pages or posts on your site.

Cutting-edge speech techniques

Including Neural techniques, to produce high-quality audio.

Six Player Styles

The plugin has six predefined player styles that you can use on the website pages.

Multiple voices and languages

Multiple voices and languages on the single page.

Supports Speed controls

Customizable speech speed and pitch for each voice.

Custom Pauses and Intonation

Ability to customize speech output for each page or article.

Five Player Styles

The plugin has six predefined player styles that you can use on the website pages

Custom Pauses and Intonation

Ability to customize speech output for each page or article

Website that feels like a conversation

Each neural voice model is designed to support a particular language and dialect, which can be identified through its locale. You can explore the Voice Gallery and test the demo to listen to the available voices. 

Features of the Text-to-Speech plugin

Use Talker on different pages, for different groups of users, on different devices.

Flexible design features

Customize the position of the player’s display.  Place several players on one page.

Customizable into and outro text

Text that will be added when synthesizing audio files. It is a useful feature if you want to brand all your files in the same style.

Custom post types support

Select the post types, including custom post types to work with the Talker.

Download Link

The setting determines how to display the download link.

Comprises an Elementor Addon and a WPBakery widget.

The Talker comes equipped with add-ons that support the majority of widely used page builders, namely Elementor and WPBakery (formerly known as Visual Composer). Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with other well-known website page builders, such as Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Divi, Themify Builder, Layers WP, and many more, thereby optimizing the user experience.

Enjoy the power of Speech
Synthesis Markup Language

The SSML allows you to fine-tune speech for each article on your website.

This image shows the functionality and not the actual interface

RSS Podcasts feed for Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

With the plugin, you can also construct an RSS feed for publishing on the largest podcasting services, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Compatible with all Modern Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, or even the outdated versions of Internet Explorer – visitors will get an incredible experience in all browsers.

Just taste our Templates
pack to Inspire You

These are just some examples that can inspire you to create your style. It provides you with a quick start in a few clicks.

Helpdesk and Online Manual

Our support team are passionate advocates of WordPress and are always available to assist in resolving even the most challenging issues. Installing the plugin can be completed in just a few seconds.

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